By John Claussen,  HRI Workshop Instructor, Des Moines (John is pictured above with his team, Jennie Koenig and Cindy Claussen)


It’s frustrating to have to take pickles off my cheeseburger.


What does this have to do with healthy relationships you ask?

Well, let me explain.


Communication is vital to any situation. And in a couple’s relationship, good communication is essential. Notice I said good communication. It is not just a matter of speaking and listening. In order to really communicate in a relationship, we have to have two things: Assertive Communication and Active Listening. Without these two factors active in our discussions, we may be conversing, but we are not communicating.


Without assertive communication and active listening, our conversations can become like the drive-thru window at a fast food place. In our family, we have a tradition at fast food windows. It’s called “Check the Bag”. I know I clearly said “No pickle”. But for some reason what the young man inside the building heard was “extra pickles”. So before we drive away, we take a moment to see if our order is correct.


The couple’s workshops offered by Healthy Relationships Iowa will teach you ways to better communicate with one another. We will help you to be able to “check the bag” in your conversations. Studies have shown that the number one reason relationships fall apart is lack of proper communication. At HRI, we will give you tools to increase your skill level in the art of assertive communication and active listening.


Your relationship is much more important than pickles on a fast food sandwich. But if you do not find ways to communicate with each other, you may lose your appetite for one another as well.


There are many workshops available! To register for a Healthy Relationships Iowa class, click here.

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