Three Ways To Relax Together

In our busy world, taking a moment to slow down seems nearly impossible. Rest, however, is an incredible healer. Our bodies and minds long for a break and truly benefit from receiving one. Our relationships benefit from rest as well. Taking a break together can help relieve the stress your relationship may be under.

Although a long stay on some warm beach listening to the waves crashing is what many of us imagine when we hear the word “relax”, a trip to the Bahamas may not be in the cards this year, let alone this week.

Here are three  practical things you can do each week as a couple to relax together.

1) Go For A Walk

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When we think about unwinding after a long day, Netflix and the couch are often the first things that come to mind. And certainly some days call for a good show and a blanket! But taking a walk with your partner out in nature will give you the opportunity to talk with one another. Plus, nature has a way of calming the senses and restoring your mood.

2) Laugh Together

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Try out a comedy club or choose a funny movie or sitcom. Laughing reduces your stress level significantly. Laughing together also adds a bonding element that reduces you and your partner’s stress at the same time. That’s a win win!

3) Cook Together

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Even if it is just once a week, choose a recipe and make it together. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be a full meal. It could be a cake, or some cookies, or maybe a healthy smoothie! Whatever it is, working together to create a treat to share will bring lots of laughs and connection. Cooking is a creative activity, and being creative reduces stress!

There are many more ways to relax as a couple. Come up with your favorite ideas and choose at least one moment every week to unwind as a couple.

And don’t forget to take time to relax on your own as well! Listen to a podcast, take a long bath, or have a conversation with a friend. A more relaxed you is a happier, healthier you, and a happier healthier you is a better partner!

You can learn more about how to handle stress in your relationship at our free workshops! You can see what’s coming up in your area here.


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