We Could Have Drifted Apart, But Instead…

My husband and I hadn’t been spending much quality time together. Like many couples, it wasn’t that we didn’t want to go on a date or have evening conversations over dinner. We truly wanted to spend time together. Our problem was our busy schedules. He works 2nd shift and I work daytime hours. This meant the only time we saw one another was when one of us was asleep. I would wake in the morning and tippy-toe around in order not to disturb his sleep and he would do the same when he came home at night.

Although this could have been an opportunity for my husband and I to drift apart, he did something that took my breath away. After a few extra busy and hectic weeks, I opened my laptop to discover that he had written something to me on Facebook. It went like this:

“I know this lady. She goes by the name Cindy Welsher. I know she is real but have only seen glimpses of her here and there. I see her when I get home and she is sleeping in my bed. I get up and she is gone but the coffee is on. I know she is real. I find things moved around here and there. I find the fridge full of food and dinner made all tucked away and put in the fridge. I know she is real I believe I even kissed her goodbye this morning unless I was still asleep and dreaming. If anyone sees this lady that goes by the name Cindy Welsher let her know her husband misses her and loves her deeply. You can't miss her she is beautiful, very smart, talented and adored by many but extremely busy and moving very fast, so you will have to act quickly on this. Again, let her know her husband loves her and would love to take her out on a date Sunday Oct. 8, 2017. Dinner and a movie. I know she is real.”

I was speechless.

What’s amazing about this is that instead of getting upset or frustrated about our schedules, he took the time to “woo” me and ask for some time for just the two of us. He did this publicly. He could have just written me a little note, but he wanted everyone to see what I meant to him. I have to tell you that I giggled like a teenage girl when I saw this on Facebook. I felt so special and loved and important! My husband was taking time to court me as if we were just starting out. And it meant so much!

There are times when there is nothing we can do about our schedules. During those seasons, it is very easy to just drift apart. But a little gesture can go a long way. How often, in our busy lives, do we remember to treat our spouse/significant other in the manner we did when we were dating? How often do we do something that makes them feel special and loved and significant and important? It was a little thing for him to write that post, but it was a huge thing in our relationship.

Remember to do the little things that remind your spouse/significant other why you chose them. Especially during the hectic times.

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