Relationship Advice from Iowa's Squirrels

Fall in Iowa is a beautiful time. Red, orange, and yellow leaves cover the hillsides and blanket the ground. The fields turn from bright green to lovely amber and the farmers begin to harvest their crops. Days get shorter, homes get warmer, and our sleeves get longer as we wave goodbye to summer.

While most Iowans are drinking hot chocolates and raking leaves, a cute little animal with a big bushy tail is busier than ever. Squirrels are very common all over the state of Iowa. And Fall, for them, means its time to prepare for winter. There are thousands of acorns to collect and bury and you’ll find squirrels scampering all over town and country preparing for winter’s long cold months.

Many people think squirrels hibernate during our snowy season. The truth is, Iowa’s squirrels actually don’t hibernate at all. They survive nestled in tree trunks and eating from food stores that they wisely built up during the autumn months.

What can we learn from these little tree dwellers about relationships? Lots! But one thing stands out for sure: winter is coming, so be ready.

Relationships have their green seasons and their icy seasons. That is an inevitable part of being a couple. For this reason it is important that during the times when your relationship is warm and sunny, you take a little time to store memories for the colder stretches.

All around you are tiny little acorns waiting to be collected and stored in your heart. Take pictures together, write each other notes and store them away in a box. When you have an argument, or when things seem like they are too cold, open up that box and remember all the times you’ve had and how much you care for one another. Get out your relationship’s food supply and fuel up. Then face your problems together. Sometimes all we need is a simple reminder that winter doesn’t last forever.

So take some advice from a squirrel and store something away this autumn. When winter comes, you’ll be thankful!

Here’s what to do:
Find a box and fill it with a few special items that remind you of good times. Include a note to your partner and a note to your self. Write down what you love most about him or her. Write down memories that you have together. Just like a squirrel, you’ll find that a little preparation can be just the thing you need to get you through a cold snap.

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