Conversation Hearts: 5 Things Those Tiny Candies Teach Us About Communication

candy heart that has "LOL" etched on it. candy heart that has "LOL" etched on it.

Every year around Valentine's Day you’ll start to see those little heart shaped candies with phrases etched on them.




Or the ever popular, "FAX ME" (circa 1998).

I’d be surprised if you’d never tasted these candies before, because they’ve been around since 1847. Yes, they’ve certainly become a Valentines Day tradition.

When you were in grade school you may have secretly hoped that your crush would sneak one onto your desk that read “BE MINE”.  Although I’m pretty sure nobody actually liked to eat them, we always loved to get them. We’d give them to each other and laugh, or blush. 

As silly as this little tradition may seem, these tiny candies have more to offer us than a chalky-aftertaste. Here are five sweet communication that you can use right now:

Talking? In a relationship? You don’t say! Yeah, yeah, you know this already, right? Seems simple enough. But as most couples discover, it’s not that simple. Sometimes you have to make conversation a priority. With busy schedules and nagging responsibilities, your significant other can easily become the last person you take time to talk with. So, talk!

Sure, this one is relatively new. Texting and social media has introduced us to all sorts of new little phrases. “LOL”, for those who may not have heard, means “laugh out loud.” This is great advice for couples! A relationship without laughter won’t be much fun. Life get’s serious. Life gets tough. So taking some time to laugh together is so important. It really is the best medicine. Our prescription? Go see a funny movie together! Knowing how to make one another laugh is a fun part of communicating.

#3-“ASK ME”
One of the biggest mistakes couples make is assuming that their partner knows what they need. But unless you’re dating Charles Xavier, chances are you’re not going out with a mind reader. Don’t be afraid to express exactly what you need to your partner. And on occasion, go ahead and ask your partner what they need. Ask how work is going. Ask how they are feeling. Just, ask!

Doing life with another person can be messy. The items that tend to dominate your agenda can make your relationship seem more like a business relationship than a romantic one. So take some time now and then to flirt with each other. You know, like the old days.

Oh, social media. The source of all of our news, cat videos, and puppy memes. Perhaps also the source of our eye twitches and high blood pressure. Social media is the place where you share about you. And the things you share about say something about what you care about and what you are interested in. If you never post anything about your partner, they might begin to feel like you aren’t interested in them. Or worse, that you’re embarrassed of them. Surely that’s not the case, right? Of course not. So every now and then, tag her in a post and brag about her. Post a picture of him doing something that makes you proud. And if you notice that you never share about him or her, perhaps stop and ask, when was the last time I took interest in my partner? A quick shout-out on your social media of choice can be a very sweet gesture.

Your sweetheart needs your love, adoration, and your communication. So, take some advice from a candy heart. Share, listen, flirt, laugh, brag, and hug. 

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